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There is no doubt that blood donation or organ donation can help to save a life. Giving blood is a simple, safe way to make a big difference in people’s lives. Blood donors in India donate around 350 millilitres of blood. India has several blood donation organizations, both governmental and non-governmental. Organizations are conducting blood donation camps for the blood banks, although there is a huge shortage of blood in our society. If you are interested in organ donation then you can donate your organ after death.

Aim and Motto – Message & Appeal from :

  • Medical service should reach to the grass level of society, we want to improve social health status. We have seen many peoples they are not aware of their health conditions & neglecting it. This is an appeal to everyone let’s get united, we are trying to bring everyone under in a chain to work together; we will issue or enlist them “Family Health Card”, to those members. We want to become an equal partner in the progress of the nation.
  • We will appeal all registered “Health Card” members to help others for medical need.
  • We will appeal to the medical service provider for providing offers to our members.
  • We are trying to guide & provide discount rated medical service from our associates. We will try to help in medical need, for registered “Health Card” members. Later we may provide other benefits.
  • We will try to collect information about interested “Blood donor”, “Eye donor” & “organ donor”. We will share that information for medical need.
  • Aware & educate about their health condition to improve the social health conditions.

If you are interested in Blood or Organ donation, Please fill the form, we will share that information to others for medical need:

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