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    An Appeal to all Doctors:
    As a Doctor, we noticed it is deficient in basic awareness & consciousness on Health. We are cordially requesting to all Doctors, let’s unite & work to bring awareness; which may directly affect on daily practice.. Maximum people spend lots of unnecessary things, but they think lots to spend on Prevention & Treatment for there better Health..

    An Appeal to Doctors:
    1) Many people are not aware of there health conditions; Please get united & work together to bring Awareness – requesting everyone please use one Medical platform to Educate & say about the necessity of all Medical service.- So if we educate regularly, then all the patient will come for Prevention & Treatment.

    2)We want to appeal to Government, please recruit all Specialist Doctors in Block & Subsidiary Health Center etc.

    3)Later we may appeal to the government- Why Dental treatment procedures won’t come under “Health Insurance”.- If Check-up, Tooth restoration, RCT, Extraction, Scaling, Prosthetic, Implants etc. Will cover under Health Insurance, then maximum everyone people will be benefited & more people will do all Dental procedures.
    4) Provide the best service- If we can work together with Medical service provider with one platform then you may get reference & CROSS PROMOTION.

    5) If we can work together you can work as an association & we can appeal to Government & Private organizations etc. We Created Medical website & recently created a Youtube Medical Channel to educate common people & to unite all Medical professionals..

    We are inviting you to join us & work together. If you are interested to join then fill the form- Click the link.. https://www.medihelp365.com/join-with-us/
    If anyone is having any Suggestion then Click the link.. https://www.medihelp365.com/feedback/
    Thank you 😊