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Medical service should reach the grass level of the society, our aim & mission is, reaching to them by providing them with the basic amenities of healthcare.  We have seen many peoples they are not aware of their health conditions & they are neglecting it. As our program on World Health Day, from 7 April 2019, we are planning to provide discount rated medical service to our “Medihelp 365 Family Health Card” registered members. If you want to give the discount or offers to “Medihelp365 Family Health Card” registered members from our platform, be our associates & fill the form. We will check the application & if you will be our associate then we will make a small contract for periods of time.

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All Medical service provider is invited to Join with us. If you are interested CLICK HERE


We are trying to collect the information of interested blood & organ donors. We will share that information with everyone on medical need. If you area interested donor then CLICK HERE & fill the form to let us know