Gingivitis & Periodontitis is very common Dental problems, associated with bleeding gum which I have seen in my daily practice. Bleeding gum causes bad breath or bad smell from the mouth; if you are getting these problems then immediately visit a dentist. If you are having gum bleeding, then it […]

Failed Root Canal Treatment Sometimes tooth which had a root canal treatment become re-infected, Failed Root Canal treatment or compromised which may require retreatment or sometimes extraction. Root canal failure can be caused for a different reason, after successful root canal retreatment, the tooth can be saved. What is Root […]

Root Canal Treatment or RCT Root canal treatment or RCT is an Endodontic treatment is performed to save a damaged or badly infected tooth to treat the infection or inflammation when the centre & inner part within the tooth, known as the pulp, portion the blood vessels, nerves and living […]

Diabetes and Oral Health Care The Relationship between Diabetes and Gum disease/ Periodontal Disease has been extensively examined. The increased prevalence and severity of  Periodontitis (it is one kind of gum disease, due to this disease severe level of bone destruction and clinical attachment loss happened around the  teeth). In […]


An oral bad habit can be very harmful to your tooth. In this blog, I will discuss these topics & I will say which all habits are very harmful to your tooth & overall health. So be aware of this & stop all the bad habits. Tobacco & Betel nut: […]

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