Tooth ache or Dental Pain Tooth ache is that pain felt around the teeth or jaws resulting from a dental condition. Tooth ache or dental pain most commonly migrate to Head & Ear. You may experience tooth ache, whether sharp and throbbing or dull and ache, it can be difficult […]

Tooth Stain/Discoloration As a Dentist, I am getting a common statement that “every day I am brushing, but why tooth stain is coming on my tooth, please prescribe a good toothpaste & how to remove this stain, it’s looking ugly”. In this article, I will discuss in details on this […]

Dengue- Symptoms, Prevention & Homeopathy Medicines Dengue(break bone fever), Dengue hemorrhagic fever(DHF) and Dengue shock syndrome(DSS) spread through Aedes aegyepti mosquitoes mainly in tropical & subtropical countries the female Aedes aegyepti mosquitoes feed on human blood mainly in the daytime & has habitats men made uses water in a container. Dengue virus […]


Eczema/ Dermatitis Eczema and Dermatitis terms used as synchronously. Eczema is characteristic of inflammatory red response of skin to both exogenous &  endogenous agents. This skin condition is very common in children, but adults can get it too. Types- Cause & symptoms: Exogenous: -It’s irritating contact eczema because of solvents, paints, […]

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