Tuberculosis (TB) It is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis it can affect in multiple organs but most commonly effects on Lungs. Tuberculosis (TB) can also affect other parts of your body, including your kidneys, spine or brain. TB can be fatal if it’s not treated properly kill millions […]

Health Insurance, Life Insurance & Bank Loan Know about Health Insurance, Life insurance & bank Loan. Day by day medical expense is increasing, increase in the incidence of lifestyle-related illnesses, so you should aware health Insurance to come out from those problems. Health Insurance & Life insurance & bank Loan all are different things, […]

Ascites Ascites is defined as an abnormal accumulation fluid in the abdominal /peritoneal cavity. There are a variety of diseases that can cause accumulation of fluid, the reasons that the ascites occurs may be different for each disease, but a common cause is Liver cirrhosis after 40 years. In this article, I […]

Stroke A stroke is a brain attack. A stroke is a serious life-threatening medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is poor or cut off. A stroke is a medical emergency. Prompt treatment is crucial. Early action can minimize brain damage and potential complications. […]


Eczema/ Dermatitis Eczema and Dermatitis terms used as synchronously. Eczema is characteristic of inflammatory red response of skin to both exogenous &  endogenous agents. This skin condition is very common in children, but adults can get it too. Types- Cause & symptoms: Exogenous: -It’s irritating contact eczema because of solvents, paints, […]


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