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“Medi-Friends 365” is medical social friends group 365days. Create Account, Login, chat with friends, join groups, Share & know information. Create a large Medical social group, be a our social help partner


Our Popular Medi-friends 365 Groups:

1)Medi-friends 365 days Social group

2)Interested Blood donor social Group

3)Job opening for Dentist- vacancy-for-dentist-in-india/

4)Job opening for Nursing in India

5)Job opening for Pharmacist in India

6)Job opening for physiotherapist in India

7)Job opening for homeopathy doctors in India

8)Spandan Evolution Volunteers Association (SEVA), NGO

9)Job opening for normal Graduates & others at Health Department 



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We are trying to collect the information of interested blood & organ donors. We will share that information with everyone on medical need. If you area interested donor then CLICK HERE & fill the form to let us know