In this modern age, marketing is becoming an essential part of any organizational growth – even Online Marketing in Healthcare takes an important role. The report says so many internet users they looked online for healthcare service information, they look upon doctors, practices, and hospitals and establish an online web presence. Just starting a business is not enough you should also do marketing of your service. is one of largely growing Medical website in India, can help you on that.

Know about our “Online Marketing Service” & Benefits:

  • Pay just Rs.10,000/-(For best offer contact us) to get our “Online Marketing Services” for maximum 1 Years.
  • We may help you to enlist your business in “Google Map”.
  • Many peoples are searching for medical service providers; say them about your business. We can create your Business website Page to bring your existence at online. Write in details about your service.
  • Your business page will come within our Medical Business Directory pages.
  • Your Business will come in the search engine of Google result.
  • You can write unique, useful Medical related articles (or) you can publish unique, useful Medical related videoes in our Youtube Channel.
  • If you take our “online Marketing Service” then you may become our “Prime Member” for 6 months(if you work with us & provide your best medical service) then may get other multiple facilities, benefits – later we may help you on Online/ Offline / Traditional marketing.

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Why you should enlist in “Google Map”?

  • If any people need any service then search service name or they will search service name with location. Let me say how Google works & how people search.
  • For example, if anyone is looking for a Dentist. Then they search in “Dentist” or “Dentist near Me” or “Dentist in some location”- Then the Google will show some Business which all are enlisted with them.

  • In the map we should enlist it nicely then only it will show in map otherwise you can lose your customer.
  • You should add business working hours, business photo, category & multiple details then only your Business will nicely- you should verify with “Google”.
  • They will show the Business in “Google Map”- so tracking this many people can reach you.
  • That why I say, enlisting in “Google Map” very important, if you enlist your business then you can get more customer.

Other service what we provide(Extra charge will be applicable):

  • Social Media Marketing(Facebook ads ect.)
  • Paid Ads in our Website(Banner ads)
  • Google advertisement
  • Email Marketing or Sms marketing etc.
  • Banners, Poster etc.

NOTE: Apply to get our “Online Marketing service”, Submit the application form in below- after getting approval you will contact you. After getting approval mail from or Call from 9051255552, make the payment by following the instruction, which will be made in approval mail/call. Say us how you want to enlist your business, “Category” or “Locality” or “Area pin code”, which you will select it will work as a “Keyword” & “Search result” will show according to the selected keyword. 

If you want to take our “Online marketing service” then fill the form in below, we will contact you as soon as possible (Contact us on +91 9051255552 & know if any Promo code is available):

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